Request Simulation



When you have configured a Gateway and began implementing the steps outlined in the Integration section of this documentation, you will probably want to run some tests.

There are three ways that you can generate third party provider requests:

  1. Using our Test Harness
  2. Self-Generation
  3. Partner-Generation

1. Test Harness

The Test Harness is available in the Console - simply select your Gateway and navigate to the Test Harness menu option.

The UI is self explanatory so is not described in detail here, but in summary you can:

  • Generate any type of Consent (Authorisation) requests for any Environment - the redirect will take place and when processed, the full logs are available to view. This new consent can now be used to make Resource requests
  • Generate any type of Resource API operation, using a previously created Consent - the Test Harness will interact with your application (or ours, if you selected Sandbox), and will output the full call.

You can make an unlimited number of API calls through the Test Harness, all included in the price of your subscription, so feel free to test away!

2. Self-Generation

If your organisation is a TSP or TPP on the OBIE directory then you can register via the standard client registration endpoint documented in your Developer Portal.

Once registered, you can generate API requests using the standard specification and methodologies as described in the relevant specification:

3. Partner-Generation

You may choose to select a partner third party provider to conduct testing and generate requests on your behalf, using their regulatory status and service. If you would like to make an introduction to potential partners, please get in touch and we will assist.