Integrator Guide Overview



If you are a technology provider enabling clients to issue payment accounts (e.g. BaaS, Core Banking or Embedded Finance), embedding tell.gateway in your platform allows you to offer it to those clients with little or no development. Integrate with our platform up front and you can spin up a new Dedicated Interface for multiple clients as and when you choose.


In this guide we will cover everything you need to know in order to get started, test, and go live with tell.gateway as an Integrator.

This guide is intended to provide an Integrator with assistance in implementing tell.gateway into its product suite, as well as advising on options to make it available to customers and how to configure and manage Dedicated Interfaces.

The developer guide includes:

  • Getting Started → how to set-up and configure your Integrator account, Customers, and Gateways
  • Development → the steps required to integrate with the service
  • Test & Certification → how to test and complete Conformance Certification for go-live
  • Reporting → how to generate and provide regulatory reporting