Tell API Error Codes

A list of error codes for potential errors when calling Our API

Error Response Structure

When recieving an error from our API, the response body will look like:

    "code": "this is our error code",
    "error": "this is our error message"

Error Codes

The list of all possible error codes and messages per API endpoint.

CodeErrorHTTP Code
consent_not_foundconsent not found!404

CodeErrorHTTP Code
invalid_consentinvalid consent!404
consent_inactiveconsent is not active so cannot be revoked400

CodeErrorHTTP Code
invalid_consentinvalid consent!404
consent_expiredconsent authorisation request has expired400
consent_already_authorisedconsent authorisation request is not awaiting authorisation400
multiple_accounts_not_permittedonly one account permitted for this type of consent400