Go-Live Checklist



Here's a quick checklist to help you move through integration into production

This isn't an interactive form - it is simply a visual aid to assist your development efforts.

Tasks to Complete

  • Create account (go to β†’), create gateway (go to β†’), configure endpoints & operations (go to β†’)

  • Implement Authorisation (go to β†’) including;

    • Extract ConsentId
    • Identify & Authenticate (SCA)
    • Get Consent Information
    • Show consent & Approval
    • Post Result
    • Wrap up
  • Implement Resources API. Go to β†’


Professional & Enterprise Edition Users - Go Live

When you have completed the actions above and are ready to go live, contact our support team and we will arrange to carry out end-to-end testing, move your Gateway into production, and issue you with a Certificate of Conformance.

If you have not upgraded your account yet (i.e. you are still operating on our Community edition) you will need to speak to your Account Manager to arrange upgrading to a paid-for package.