PSU Interface



Whilst we can’t help you track the performance of your own website or mobile app, we have created an API that will allow you to present all interface performance data in one place.

By implementing the PSU Interface Collection API, you will be able to publish PSU interface performance data alongside the equivalent dedicated interface data within the hosted Developer Portal.

When it comes to providing quarterly reporting to your regulator, we can also include your PSU interface data alongside the Dedicated Interface data that we maintain on your behalf, pre-formatted to meet regulatory requirements.

Providing with PSU Interface availability data

Firstly, you’ll need to create an API in line with the specifications found in our API Reference page.

Specification requests PSU data in order to consume and store the data related to a provisioned Dedicated Interface.


gateway_uuidUnique identifier for your gatewayAlways supplied as a query parameter
fromDateDate from which the report should start from
Format: YYYY-mm-dd
Always supplied as a query parameter
toDateDate from which the report should end
Format: YYYY-mm-dd
Always supplied as a query parameter


ClientNameThe name of your organisationYesString
ClientUUIDThe UUID of your organisation. This can be found in the Organisation Details pageYesString
GatewayNameThe human-readable name of your gatewayYesString
GatewayUUIDThe UUID of your gateway. This can be found in the Gateway Summary pageYesString
InterfacesAn array of Interfaces as objectsYesArray of Objects
Interfaces/nameThe human-readable name of your interfaceYesString
Interfaces/typeAdditional information describing the type of interface
Example: Website
Interfaces/dedicatedWhether the interface is a dedicated interface

If the interface is a PSU interface, then this should be false
Interfaces/unique_refA unique reference for the interfaceYesString
Interfaces/statisticsAn array of statistics for the interface as objects
Each object in the array is a date
YesArray of Objects
Interfaces/statistics/ISODateThe date of the statistics.
Format: YYYY-mm-dd
Interfaces/statistics/uptime_pcUptime statistic as a percentageYesString
Interfaces/statistics/downtime_pcDowntime statistic as a percentageYesString
Interfaces/statistics/response_msAverage response time of the day in millisecondsYesInteger
Interfaces/statistics/error_rate_pcRate of error responses as a percentageYesString


curl --location '' \
--header 'x-api-key: 6d0b32a2-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx' \
--header 'x-jws-signature: eyJhxxxx.eyJJxxxx.Ugzpxxxx'


  "ClientName": "Your Organisation Name",
  "ClientUUID": "7b00168e-feec-4c52-b4d1-b799795c8c27",
  "GatewayName": "Your Gateway Name",
  "GatewayUUID": "94915102-91e5-4efa-bd7e-99402840c4da",
  "Interfaces": [
      "name": "My Interface Name",
      "type": "Mobile App",
      "dedicated": false,
      "unique_ref": "ff328a28-6ab2-4e16-a852-f521259a463f",
      "statistics": [
          "ISODate": "2023-09-29",
          "uptime_pc": "99.9",
          "downtime_pc": "0.1",
          "response_ms": 104,
          "error_rate_pc": "0.05",
          "ISODate": "2023-09-30",
          "uptime_pc": "100",
          "downtime_pc": "0",
          "response_ms": 133,
          "error_rate_pc": "0.04",

Once you have created this API you will need to add the URL to your environments in our console, in the field named ‘Your PSU Interface Report URL’

PSU Interface Report URL can be submitted within the Environment page

PSU Interface Report URL can be submitted within the Environment page

Tell money will call your API on a daily basis to retrieve data for each of your PSU Interfaces.

Retrieving PSU Interface Data

We will store this data in our database and add it to the following services:

Statistics page within the Developer Portal

Statistics page can be found within the <<glossary:Developer Portal>>

Statistics page can be found within the Developer Portal

REP020 Reporting via our console

PSU Interface data can be found within the REP020 page

PSU Interface data can be found within the REP020 page


Retrieving reports via API

If you are a Professional or Enterprise client and want to develop your own reporting capabilities, you can access the hosted reporting data from us via API. Please see the specification here for more information.