Which Guide?

Integrating with tell.gateway is incredibly simple. We've kept everything as standardised as possible, and we have freely shared all documentation online.

This website contains developer guides for three different audiences. This page will help you ensure that you are looking at the correct guide for your purposes.

Account Providers



Implementing a Dedicated Interface for your own product (for Account Providers)

An Account Provider, also known as an Account Servicing Payment Service Provider or ASPSP, is an organisation that provides Payment Accounts for its end users.

An Account Provider may be a bank or similar financial institution, but could also be a different type of organisation delivering account-based services to its customers.

Sometimes the role of Account Provider is delegated to an agent or client of the financial institution. If you’re operating a brand under the license of a financial institution then you probably take on the role of Account Provider, even if you’re not technically a bank.

The Account Provider Guide contains instructions on how to create and deploy your own Dedicated Interface (also known as a Gateway).




Embedding tell.gateway in your tech stack (for BaaS, Embedded Finance and Core Banking providers)

A Technical Integrator is a platform provider enabling its Clients (Account Providers) to access various elements of the payments and financial ecosystem.

Examples of Integrators include; Banking as-a-Service (BaaS) providers, Embedded Finance, Core Banking, Programme Management, and Payment Processors.

To augment its own services, an Integrator can embed tell.gateway within its platform, thereby providing a Dedicated Interface (also known as a Gateway) on behalf of an Account Provider Client.

The Integrator Guide contains instructions on how to embed tell.gateway into your platform, and how to generate, configure and deploy Dedicated Interfaces for multiple Clients.



Connect to one or more tell.money Gateways (for Third Party Providers)

Often referred to with the acronym TPP, a Third Party Provider is a regulated entity that is permitted to initiate a payment or access an Account Holder's account information (subject to consent).

Third Party Providers may be approved by their regulator to perform one or multiple roles; Account Information
Payment Initiation, and/or Confirmation of Funds.

tell.money does not provide TPP services. We do not enable corporate entities to access account data or initiate payments. Our focus is supporting Account Providers, enabling those organisations to present open banking APIs for TPPs to consume.

The TPP Guide contains instructions on how a TPP can connect to one or more Account Provider's Dedicated Interfaces hosted on the tell.gateway platform.