Integrator Onboarding

Before getting started, an Integrator will need to sign an Integrator contract with tell.money. Please talk to your account manager or sales representative if you would like to discuss this.

With an active contract in place, you will be given access to our web-based Management Console from where you will be able to perform a range of functions including managing Customers, configuring Gateways, generating test requests, and running reports.

Customer Onboarding

An Integrator can onboard multiple Customers. To create a new Customer, simply navigate to the “Clients” section in the Console and complete the form. This triggers an email to the Customer’s primary contact prompting them to review and accept our “Managed Customer Terms”.

Create Gateways

You can configure multiple Gateways per Customer within the Management Console.



When a Gateway is created, the billing for that Gateway commences immediately based on the commercial terms agreed in your contract. As a SaaS platform, our charging structure is not based on the status of a Gateway or of the underlying product that it relates to.

Each Gateway includes:

  • A co-branded Developer Portal (white label can be delivered at additional cost)
  • A set of credentials specific to that Gateway (for inbound and outbound API calls)

For each Gateway you create, you should select the relevant NCA.

Selecting the NCA Zone

The NCA zone you will choose will depend on the issued location of your bank.

The open banking specification which your gateway will use is based on the NCA zone, upon creating your gateway.

Gateways created with an NCA in the UK will use the OBIE specification.

Gateways created with an NCA in the EU will use the NextGenPSD2 specification.