TPP Guide Overview


TPP GUIDE does not provide TPP services. We do not enable corporate entities to access account data or initiate payments. Our focus is supporting Account Providers, enabling those organisations to present open banking APIs for TPPs to consume.

As such, TPPs are users - and not customers - of a service that we provide on behalf of Account Providers. We are not an aggregator, we are an API that an Account Provider makes available to TPPs.

There are various ways to for a TPP to connect to our client's Dedicated Interfaces.

Standard Integration

All approved Third Party Providers can connect to any Dedicated Interface provided by, subject to their permissions and regulatory region. We support Dynamic Client Registration on all Interfaces and we are always on hand to provide any support that you may need.

As a TPP, you can connect directly with each Dedicated Interface through our Client's Developer Portal, which can be found through the brand's website.

An example Developer Portal is

Enterprise Integration

Alternatively, a TPP may wish to onboard with many or all of our Client's Dedicated Interfaces in one go. We understand that TPPs operate in many different ways so our Enterprise TPP approach reflects this breadth of technology and application. We are always very happy to discuss customised options and welcome a conversation with our TPP partners.

Supported options include:

Tell Connect

Under this model, a TPP can perform a single integration to our Tell Connect Dedicated Interface, which provides automatic access to all other client Interfaces by simply switching the "audience" value in the request.

Visit the Developer Portal here:

How To Use

The dynamic registration, authorisation, and requesting of resources is the same as a standard OBIE interface and all the documentation can be found in the developer portal.

The key difference is the "aud" value that you provide in the payload of the request JWT will be a UUID of one of the gateways that you wish to connect to. This token is provided when creating the authorization URL using the authorization_endpoint:

  "iat": 1711639677,
  "nbf": 1711639677,
  "exp": 1711639982,
  "jti": "...",
  "iss": "...",
  "acr": "...",
  "response_type": "code id_token",
  "client_id": "...",

Contact Us for Gateway UUIDs

If you would like to use this solution, you can contact us at [email protected] for a list of Gateway UUIDs.


We have developed a variety of options for larger TPPs where a specific or complex requirement has been presented. We are very happy to hear about any requirements you may have as a TPP, and we will do our best to accomodate.

If you would like to discuss TPP connection options, please get in touch.